Monday, August 25, 2014

Library@NIT Silchar: Workshop on "ScienceDirect product & platform" & "Meet the Publisher"

 Workshop on "ScienceDirect product & platform" & "Meet the Publisher"
                                on 26th August at 4 PM in RPC

We believe that research forms an integral part in the overall development of an Institution to become a center of excellence. And to nurture research, we provide support through Science Direct platform which is the most preferred database for researchers across the globe. As a part of Information Literacy Session Series, Central Library has organised a 1 hour workshop on "Science Direct product & platform" & "Meet the Publisher" as per the following schedule. All the faculty Members & Research Scholars are requested to attend the workshop.

 Date: 26th August 2014 
Time: 4PM


·  A presentation on Science Direct & eBooks.

·  Live demonstration and benefit of using eBooks on Science Direct.

·  A quiz on Science Direct with some gifts for winners

Sl. No.





10 Min

Science Direct

To brief the participant about :
·   Role of Elsevier journals throughout the
research process
·  Journals & ebooks currently available on
Science Direct at NIT Silchar.
· Additional content relevant to NIT Silchar


20 Min

Direct Demonstration

·   Live Demo of ScienceDirect
·   Sharing information of advanced search
functionalities and new features of the
·  Showing how to use ebooks on Science


25 Min


To share information about:
·  Benefits of ebooks over Print Books
·   Role of ebooks in the research process
·   Range of ebook collections available on
Science Direct
·   Pricing


15 Min

-An essential tool to track your research

To share information about:
·  Keeping track of research papers published
by researchers
·   Searching scientific information from
Scopus database
·   Citation analyses
·    Researcher performance analyses
·     Finding Research Collaboration
·   Evaluating a journal performance
Who should attend this training session?

Since this session will cover the basic features and functionalities of Science Direct, hence we expect all those who intend to use Science Direct to attend this session. The audience may include students, faculty, researchers, library staff etc.

Outcome of the Programme.

·   Provide an introduction of eBooks & Science  Direct to students/early career researchers so that they get maximum benefit in their research.
·  Make the active researchers aware about the advanced features & updates in Science Direct.


Vishav Sharma, Solution
Consultant – South Asia, Research Solutions Sales, ELSEVIER

Nitin Rawat, Account Manager, Elsevier India

All are cordially invited.

For Registration Pl. Contact:
Mrs. K M Singha
Asstt. Librarian@NITS

Dr. Kishor Satpathy



Friday, August 15, 2014

Notice for Icard

                                                                        Central library @ NIT Silchar

All the BTech, MTech, MSc, MBA, PhD students those who have not received the institute Icard are requested to contact in the library office as per the following schedule:


                       Class/ Borrower No






MTech, Msc, MBA, PhD



BTech  (B1104-B1314)


BTech  (B1437-B1436)


BTech  (B1437-B1524)



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Re-engineering of Library and Information Services

Dear All

As part of implementing the best practices of UIUC and as a part of, re-engineering of Library and Information Services of Central Library of NITS the library team is working constantly and recently, the reorganization of entire library stocks & services were taken up. Some notable works already completed are:

·      Cleaning & rearrangement of Stack Area.

·      Books have been arranged as per classification no & stacks have been provided with Bay guides. The list Bay guide will be shortly uploaded to the blog, face book & lib webpage
·      The regrouping of various subject collections, preparations of list for write off for old/damaged books.

·      Grouping of e-resources.

·      Listing of Thesis & Projects

·      Listing of all CDs available in the Library.

·      Preparation of Library brochure for students giving details of library.

·      Justification for demand for additional library staff giving lib stat of last few years.

·      Procurement of Pearson e- text book.

·      Purchase of new e-resources.

·      Provision of 4 computers in library for e-resource access for students.

·      Helping in creation of Deptt Library at CSE, EIE & MBA deptt.

·      Focus on Technology driven Library and Information Services. To achieve the target, we have taken small step towards this direction by updating the following portals:

Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
E-books can be accessed from:
E-Learning Suite (Links of E-Books & E-Journals are available) (click 'login as guest')

BIS Codes

FaceBook@Central Library, NIT Silchar

Blog @ Central Library, NIT Silchar
All the e-resources available in the library can be accessed from:

ERMSS-e-resources management and search solution (under maintenance now - will be updated by the end of this month)

And we have joined the American Centre Library Network & British Council Library Network to serve information need of the users.

Further, the following works are in the pipe line:

1.    Introduction of Library orientation programme / information literacy programme to students to orient student about library procedure & library resources including e-book & journals. I am sending separate mail to all in this regard.

2.    Preparation of the 2015 Library strategy document.

3.    Change in the library webpage.

4.    Creation of a Institutional repository

5.    Up gradation of DL, e-learning software.

6.    Installation CCTV.

7.    Introduction of electronic bulletin board.

8.    Starting of Library News letter.

9.    Introduction of LVP

10. Library Resource Awareness workshop by publisher.

Further, for the softcopy of updated list of resources kindly send a mail to / Kindly give wide publicity of the resources by sharing it with the students & research scholars & putting in the notice boards.

Kindly send your suggestions & comments to the undersigned.

With warm regards,

Dr.Kishor Satpathy

M: 9435175531


Review of the procurement of library resource.@ NIT SIlchar


All the Head of the Department
NIT, Silchar

Sub: Review of the procurement of library resource.

Dear All,

I am happy to inform you that in last four working days, we have already issued more than 8000 books to more than 14000 students. During the process of issuance of books, it was observed that there are both positive & negative points in the book collection of different deptts. There is a gap between the demand of the students & book collection of the Deptt. This need to be addressed immediately.

Further, the library has received several indents from your department but due to space constraints it is not possible to process all the indents. Therefore, you are requested to convene a departmental faculty meeting where librarian will present the current status of the library resources of your department. Then the department can review the existing resources and can recommend the new resources based on the discussion of the meeting.

Further, kindly note that we have already issued temporary ID cards to more than 80% newly admitted students. The books have also been issued to them. We are in a process of issuing the permanent ID cards to them.
You are requested to arrange a Library Orientation programme for the newly admitted MTech, MSc, MBA & PhD Scholars of your Deptt in your Deptt. Lab where Librarian can take an Information Literacy Session for them.

Looking forward for your kind co-operation in this regards.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Kishor Chandra Satpathy

MA, MLIS, PGDLAN, PhD, Mortenson Associate, UIUC, USA
Tel: +91-9435175531 (M)