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Updated thesis collection @ Central Library, NIT Silchar

Ph.D. Thesis Collections @ Central Library, NIT Silchar        
Name Title Year Dept. Supervisor AccNo. Libsys
Bhattacharjee, Arup  Traffic engineering in connectionless service paradigm Aug, 2010 CSE Nandi, Sukumar  TH1
Dey, Sonjoy Kumar  Studies on Productivity, Energy, Safety, Environmental Impact and CFD Analysis on Withering Process of CTC Tea Manufacturing July, 2011 ME Gupta,  Rajat  TH2
Sharma, Kaushal Kumar  Performance analysis of savonius rotor and combination of savonius darrieus rotors through experimental and computational approaches March, 2012 ME  Gupta, Rajat TH3
Biswas,Agnimitra Experimantal & computational analysis of vertical axis wind turbines Sep, 2010 ME  Gupta, Rajat TH4
Paul, Sanjay Characterization of soil at silchar under dynamic loading Sep, 2010 CE Dey, A.  K. TH5
Sil, Briti Sundar Development of sediment flow models for river networks Mar, 2010 CE Choudhury, Parthasarathi TH6
Singh, Thangjam Somchand Multi-objective design of aquifer remediation systems using simulation optimization approach May, 2010 CE Chakrabarty, Dibakar TH7
Barbhuiya, Shelly  Indo-bangladesh bilateral trade relations : with special reference to border trade of north-east india May, 2011 HSS Das, Gurudas  TH8
Singh, Konthoujam  Gyanendra Security and development: the political economy of insurgency in Manipur 2009 HSS Das, Gurudas  TH9
Choudhury, Ruma Nath Swami Vivekananda: Modernity and social ethics- A critical study 2010 HSS Das, Gurudas  TH10
Tewari, Sujit Studies on structural, electrical and optical properties of thin films of some II-VI semiconductors (CdTe, Cds, ZnO) Jun, 2009 PHY Bhattacharjee, Ayon TH11
Gope, Gautam Preparation of quantum dots on polymer matrix and their applications in electronics and optics Dec, 2008 PHY Nath, Siddhartha Sankar TH12
Sarkar, Suchismita Datta Studies on some liquid crystalline compounds and their binary mixtures along with nano-dispersed liquid crystalline compound 2011 Phy Choudury,  Basana  TH13
Chakdar, Dipankar Synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots and their applications in photonics and nonlinear optics Dec, 2008 PHY Nath, Siddhartha Sankar TH14
Nath, Rajarshi Krishna Fabrication and characterization of solid state gas sensors based on oxide semiconductor Dec, 2008 PHY Nath, Siddhartha Sankar TH15
Saikia, Lalit Chandra  Some studies on automatic generation control under conventional and deregulated environment 2011 EE Sinha, Nidul & Nanda, Janardan  TH16
Deb, Sarma Chandra  Reforms and development responses: A study on Assam 2011 HSS Das, Gurudas  TH17
Murthy, M. S. Soapnut oil as a biofuel source for compression ignition engine: A feasibility investigation through engine performance, emission and thermodynamic analysis 2012 ME Misra, R. D. TH18
Singh, Aditya Pratap Numerical investigation of combustion phenomena in supersonic and hypersonic flow regimes 2011 ME Pandey, K. M. TH19
Gayatri, Sorokhaibam Laxmi Performance and characterization studies of selected adsorbents for abatement of phenolic compounds from aqueous phase 2012 Chem Ahmaruzzaman, M. TH20
Tirkey, Lalit Premlal Livelihood status of tea garden workers: a study of livelihood (In) security and livlihood diversification options in the tea gardens of North Bengal 2013 HSS Das, Asim Kumar & Nepal, Padam TH21
Devi, Thingujam Kiranmala Optical and dielectric studies on some liquid crystals and liquid crystalline binary mixtures 2013 PHY Bhattacharjee, Ayon & Choudhury Basana TH22
Debnath, Pradip A Study of intuitionistic fuzzy n- normed linear spaces 2013 MATH Sen, Mausumi TH23
Roy, Santanu Generalized fuzzy real-valued double sequences 2013 MATH Sen, Mausumi TH24
Santosh K.V Design and implementation of adaptive calibration techniques using optimized ANN for intelligent measurements 2013 EE Roy, B.K TH25
Das, Pallabi Teaching english with technology: A Case study of institute of technology in North-East India 2012 HSS Singh, N. Bhupendro & Singh, Irom Gambhir TH26
Laskar, Rabul Hussain Voice conversion by mapping the speaker-specific acoustic features 2012 ECE Talukdar, Fazal A TH27
Hazarika, Kakali Marketing of tea in India: A Study of the tea industry of assam 2012 HSS Das, Asim Kumar   TH28
Bhattacharjee, Arpita Education and economic well-being: A Study of interlinkages 2012 HSS Das, Gurudas  TH29
Nongthombam, Jotish Flow propagation modeling for river system incorporating ungauged watersheds 2013 CE Choudhury, Parthasarathi TH30
Acharya, Jyotikusum Sorption of heavy metals from wastewater using low cost material-rice husk 2013 CE Upendra Kumar TH31
Ahmed, Sahidul The Quality of primary education: A Case study of Assam 2012 HSS Das, Gurudas  TH32

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All candidates who have attended National workshop on "Innovating India,2013 " and "SIS , 2012" are requested to kindly collect the certificates from Central Library, NIT Silchar